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My Child Needs Extra Care
Hospital Care & Sedation

Dr. Hebert with patient

Hospital Care

Our dentists may recommend hospital dentistry when a patient’s oral health needs require the use of general anesthesia to receive treatment without complication. We work closely with hospital staff and specialists to ensure patients are fully comfortable and every precaution is taken.


There are several benefits to hospital dentistry, including:

  • All needed treatments can be provided in just one visit

  • A controlled setting in which to provide safe and effective treatments

  • A completely comfortable treatment, as the patient is asleep throughout the entire procedure


Children who have extreme difficulty receiving care in the dental office and individuals with special needs are excellent candidates for hospital dentistry. We may also recommend hospital dentistry for individuals with pre-existing medical conditions that make a hospital the best facility in which to receive treatment. Recommendations for treatments and hospital dentistry are based on our findings during exams and on patients’ experiences and behavior while in our office. Hospital dentistry is recommended only when necessary, and you as the parent will be provided with all possible options first.

Pediatric Sedation

Sedation services are a part of our pediatric dentists’ specialized training and we offer it to our patients who may require complex or lengthy treatments, to extremely fearful or anxious patients, and to patients who would simply like a more pleasant experience in our office. The goal of sedation for children is to help your child stay calm and receive the required care.

There are various types of sedation for children. Depending on your child’s needs, we may use a form of conscious sedation, such as nitrous oxide (N2O), also known as “laughing gas.” Conscious sedation allows your child to stay awake and be able to follow instructions while keeping them feeling extremely relaxed and calm. During your child’s consultation appointment, our dentists will determine which form of sedation is right for their treatment.


Children’s sedation is safe with the right preparation before your child’s appointment and monitoring during and after their appointment. Our office will provide detailed instructions to you and your child of how to prepare for your sedation appointment.  Parents can help reduce risk and stress level for their child by following these instructions carefully.

After your child’s sedation appointment, they will feel groggy and drowsy. Make sure someone will be with your child after their appointment for several hours to monitor them. For more information on sedation for children, and to find out if sedation may be right for your child, contact us today.

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